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LARCH Live - Help us grow a thriving Social Economy in Redcar & Cleveland and Hartlepool

‘LARCH Live’ is about getting involved and having the chance to support and influence how LARCH develops in your area.

There are opportunities for individuals, and organisations from the public, private and VCSE sectors to get involved in the development and delivery of the LARCH programme.

Our aim is to help create a thriving social economy and networks of social enterprises and enterprising VCS organisations in Redcar & Cleveland and Hartlepool, through peer groups, social enterprise forums, enterprise development activities, training and events.

LARCH Events

LARCH is organising and promoting events and activities to raise awareness and understanding about the value and relevance of social enterprise, enterprising income streams and repayable social investment as part of our ambition to shift the culture and build a strong social economy. These include resources, workshops and presentations, events and competitions, blogs etc.

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If you are an organisation or individual wishing to partner with us in the delivery of activities, please get in touch through the Contact page.

Workshops to discuss, gain knowledge and educate on topics such as, how to develop a social enterprise, how to generate/diversify income generation strategies, how to gain market share

Peer Groups to support learning and the chance to support others and influence the way the project develops as it grows into the future

Creation of an ecosystem of funders and organisations to support the developing social economy

Think tank Hunter Gatherer sessions to develop and target key social issues in Redcar & Cleveland and how they could be supported by the development of social enterprises

Opportunities to meet and speak to social investment funders of the LARCH Programme

Activities and interventions to promote and develop culture change towards social enterprise

LARCH aims to support the growth of local social economies to help reduce poverty and inequality.


If you are looking for an answer to a specific question, try our FAQs.

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Get in touch if you have a good idea, that you think could be an enterprise or a new income stream that also enables you to deliver social impact.

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Enabling local people and communities to thrive through a vibrant, inclusive, resilient and economically productive social enterprise and community ownership sector.

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