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What are the LARCH Area Based Panels and what is their purpose

Area based Panels oversee the local operational plan for LARCH and provide local intelligence, advice and representation to inform grant and social lending decisions. 

We have one area based panel in Redcar & Cleveland and one for Hartlepool to ensure each place is well represented. 

The panels are at the heart of LARCH’s ideology and an innovative aspect of our programme. The area based panels are presented social enterprise ideas, from new or existing organisations, and may help to explore how these organisations can develop new social enterprise ideas or develop existing ones to support and grow earned income. We adopt an open and conversational approach by bringing together a number of key players in the sector and from the local organisations who bring relevant skills and expertise.

Area Based Panels members are made up of organisations or individuals who usually live or work in its respective areas. They demonstrate a commitment to LARCH, the Partnership’s vision for social enterprise and an appropriate skill and knowledge base.  They act as ambassadors for LARCH and be responsible, along with other panel members, for the oversight of LARCH delivery in their area. 

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