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It’s a Slow Fashion Thing

LARCH is exploring AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES that don’t, yet, have anyone to make them AMAZING SOCIAL ENTERPRISES!

We already have access to materials, equipment, expertise, mentoring, coaching & business support as well as potential funding and first class partners. We are missing just one thing…. And it might, be you?

If you care passionately about the future of SLOW FASHION, have relevant business, fashion and/or making skills and would love to be part of a team committed to helping the planet, our communities and yourself then please get in touch.

Send a personal profile or CV along with a letter telling us a little about you and why you would like to get involved and if you make/create things we’d love to see some pictures. We are particularly keen to hear from unemployed or underemployed graduates and members of our refugee / asylum seeker community. Please get in touch by 4pm on 4th of December 22 by emailing

Please note: this is not a job advert! We hope to support the creation of a new social enterprise that could, if “we” get it right, be commercially viable and potentially employ people. LARCH could consider short term funding / internship as appropriate but that would be dependent of a practical way forward. We will do everything we can to support that but there are no guarantees right now!

We would also be happy to hear from existing groups or social enterprises who believe they could contribute to this development.

If you need any additional support to apply or would like to speak to someone before applying please let us know


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If you can’t find what you are looking for then send us a message!

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Get in touch if you have a good idea, that you think could be an enterprise or a new income stream that also enables you to deliver social impact.

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Enabling local people and communities to thrive through a vibrant, inclusive, resilient and economically productive social enterprise and community ownership sector.

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