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New film introducing LARCH partners

LARCH is an innovative new programme to help develop and grow social enterprise in these places. LARCH vision represents the combined ambitions of local organisations across Redcar and Cleveland and Hartlepool and is facilitated by VONNE.

Our programme is a unique opportunity to enable local organisations to make more social impact in their respective communities. 

This video below is an introduction to the LARCH programme with contributions from our partners, filmed at recent events held.

Filmed in July 2022 at various LARCH events.

We know Hartlepool and Redcar & Cleveland are proud of the charities and social enterprises that are leading the way on societal change, in their areas.  With organisations addressing, mental health, lack of quality housing, critical work with vulnerable children and families, community centres and resources being utilised to provide a range of innovative services, health inequalities and food poverty to name but a few, ultimately mean the role of these organisations has become a vital resource to the people who use the services and the voluntary sector.

Charities and social enterprises have had to transform their organisations to respond to the changing needs of the services or communities they serve post covid, and this transformation in the sector has led to organisations looking for new ways of growing and how to become more sustainable. 

LARCH provides access to enterprise development support, blended repayable finance or what is known as social investment, or financial support to develop growing enterprises.

Starts with a conversation

But we….. ‘start with a conversation’… or two… Our programme is fully funded for five years and we hope to help you navigate the steps to starting, developing or growing your social enterprise to help you strengthen and stabilise your organsisation.

Our recent events in July provided an opportunity to meet some of these organisations and start the conversation, but we haven’t met them all, so we look forward to holding events this Autumn and would like to invite you to attend, with some in the morning, early afternoon or evening we hope to provide you with every opportunity to join us.

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